Cats in the community

The Good Neighbour Project

Cats have been companions to people for some 10,000 years, supporting the development of human settlement and agriculture through their effective protection of grain stores from rodents.

The unique bond between human and feline continues to evolve, and now for many of us the humble moggy is a buffer against the stress and strain of modern life, providing companionship, relaxation and purposeful caring.

Pets are a vital part of our human ecology but pet ownership requires consideration of other ecologies.

The Good Neighbour Project is designed to support cat owners to provide the best feline welfare and wellbeing outcomes for their cats at the same time as minimising the impact of cat ownership on the local community.


Resources for cat owners are available on our Cat Protection website here and include:

Click on the links below to view videos on Good Neighbour topics. Please note all these videos feature an Auslan interpreter.

If you would like to support The Good Neighbour Project in your local community, please feel free to download and use these resources. Click here for DIY community awareness ideas and here for more useful contacts. 

If you would like Cat Protection to speak at a local event you are organising, please phone us on 02 9519 7201 or email us and we will do our best to assist.